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Choosing a Dentist

When comparing products or services, we often consider price first. If two products are similar, we often choose the less expensive option. While this may be fine for some products, when it comes to your health and well being, other factors need to be at the forefront of your decision.

Don’t Rely on Price Only

The American Dental Association suggests that relying on cost alone as a factor in comparing dentists is an inadequate method because the spectrum of general and advanced dental services varies widely in the Glendale and Pasadena area as well as nationwide. Comparing dentists based only on fees may also lead to the use of lower quality dental materials and disappointing results. Conversely, paying the highest fees does not always equate to the best care.

Is Your Dentist Qualified?

Any dentist using the designation of D.D.S. or D.M.D. has completed rigorous training in general dentistry skills, but this training includes only basic skill levels every licensed general dentist must know. The most highly qualified dentists keep up with advancements in the field; some go on to specialize in cosmetic dentistry, to offer you superior all-around oral care and the latest techniques in achieving a beautiful smile.

Consider these questions to ask when comparing dentists:

  • How long have you been practicing?
  • How many years of education and training have you successfully completed?
  • What is your experience with the procedure you are recommending for me?
  • If necessary, will you refer me to a dentist more experienced in my specific procedures?
  • Do you provide emergency care?
  • To which dental societies and organizations do you actively belong?
  • Which types of advanced technology are used regularly in your office?

Compare Your Dentist with Ours

InStyle Dental has been the choice for thousands of individuals seeking superior dental care and cosmetic dentistry since 2002. Dr. Brian Kar received his Doctorate of Dental Medicine from Tufts University and his undergraduate degree from California State University in 2000. After a one-year associateship, Dr. Kar opened a practice in Long Beach. He later moved to Pasadena with his family to open InStyle Dental, distinguishing his practice with state-of-the-art technology and the latest dental techniques.

From the moment you arrive in our warm, welcoming dental environment, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place. Our patients tell us they appreciate the level of trust and commitment to quality care shown by Dr. Kar. Respect for your oral health, your time, your safety, your comfort and budget is the foundation upon which InStyle Dental is built.