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5 Biggest Flossing Mistakes

If you want to take great care of your dental health, then you need to avoid these flossing mistakes.

Mistake #1: Not flossing every day
You can get gum disease within 24 hours if you don’t clean your teeth well. Your salivary glands, which help neutralize bacteria, slow down while you sleep, so floss every night before bed.

Mistake #2: You snap the floss
Snapping the floss into your gums can detach gum tissue from your teeth. Instead, gently glide the floss. If you have trouble, try floss designed specifically for tight teeth.

Mistake #3: You saw the floss
If you simply thread the floss in and out, you won’t get into the crevice between the gums and teeth, which harbors bacteria. So hold the floss in a C shape and cup each tooth.

Mistake #4: You floss with anything but floss
If you floss with your fingernails, paper clips, or other sharp objects, you risk gouging your gums and causing damage. Stick with the actual dental floss.

Mistake #5: You think brushing works better
If it came down to one or the other, the choice is simple: floss. The majority of gum disease begins between the teeth, and flossing is the only way to effectively reach that area.