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5 Important Tips for Healthier Teeth

We all want to know the secrets to having perfectly clean teeth. Sometimes we may brush our teeth multiple times every single day, and yet we still don’t get the results that we want. Whether it’s avoiding cavities or just having pearly white teeth, it can be difficult to achieve the desired look and hygiene that we want.

With that being said, there’s quite a few ways that will work great together to help you keep your teeth clean and even make them a little bit whiter. While they might work on their own, using as many of these tips as you can will benefit you most in the long run for keeping your teeth in tip top shape.

1. Clean them regularly

Most of us just brush our teeth twice a day and think we’re good to go. It’s not exactly that easy though. Brushing your teeth helps to get rid of all the gunk on the surface of your teeth, but it doesn’t help to clean deep down beyond just the surface. To do that, you need to ensure that you’re flossing your teeth every day as well. Flossing cleans out all of the grime between your teeth that a toothbrush can’t reach.


2. Use mouthwash

Flossing and brushing might seem like also enough to most people, but there’s one extra step to take in ensuring cleanliness within your mouth. Using mouthwash is another great way to eliminate unwanted bacteria in your gums, teeth, and your whole mouth. Take a quick rinse with mouthwash to clean out the rest of your mouth, and you should feel your teeth becoming a lot cleaner.


3. Avoid foods and drinks that stain

Large amounts of red wine and coffee can be damaging to the overall state of your teeth. The colors can sink into the deposits of your teeth, and if you don’t go to the dentist regularly, they can seep in and leave stains. This is not only bad for trying to keep your teeth nice and white, but having anything in the deposits of your teeth is unhealthy.

Soda works the same way as well. Darker sodas can stain your teeth, and soda, in general, is loaded with sugar. Sugar is horrible for your teeth, seeing as it can rot it in almost no time.


4. Stay away from cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes is also a killer to teeth. It decays the tooth itself, and also leaves stains that can be nearly impossible to cover up or recover from. Avoid smoking cigarettes and cigars to make sure that your teeth stay nice and white and healthy.


5. Drink water

Water is the best thing to do for your entire body. Your organs can benefit from it, and overall it’s best for your health. The same thing goes for your teeth as well. Drinking water, which is already clear, will have no effect in staining your teeth, and it’ll help make your teeth nice and healthy.


So if you want to take better care of your teeth, then you need to make sure you’re following these tips as much as possible.