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General Dentistry

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Good Dental Hygiene

toothpastebrushThe good news is that being diligent about your dental health care and getting regular dental checkups can prevent plaque from forming and even reverse early gum disease. “A plaque-free mouth is a healthy mouth,” says Dr. Kar.  Along with regular dental checkups, “proper bushing and flossing are the only effective ways I know of preventing plaque buildup.”

Daily brushing and flossing is essential for your dental health, however, routine visits to InStyle Dental can identify problems early before they develop into bigger problems. Being just a bit proactive in your dental health care can save you extensive procedures, time and money.

General Dentistry Procedures

Most people will need one or more tooth fillings in their lifetime and InStyle Dental provides white fillings. Because part of our dental practice is cosmetic dentistry, we all have your smile’s attractiveness in mind as well as your dental health.

Our tooth crown work also gives you several options that include a traditional gold crown or a white porcelain crown in either an all-porcelain or a porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crown.

If you have any missing teeth, Dr. Kar will design a customized dental bridge to fill the gap. Again, in this age of advanced technology, there are choices. Dr. Kar will thoroughly review all the options with you for the best treatment for your case and best possible outcome.