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Dental Teamwork Leads To Happy Patients

Comprehensive dental care for patients requires a team effort in planning your treatment. The needs of patients are best served through their general dentist who serves as the coach of the dental healthcare team. He develops relationships with different dental specialists and understands when to refer in order to provide the optimal care for patients.


Orthodontics is one part of care requiring the team approach. An orthodontic examination by the general dentists and properly timed orthodontic referral benefits the patient. Teamwork between the general dentist and the orthodontist enhances the final outcome of the patient’s treatment.

Early detection of improper skeletal and dental relationships by the general dentists is extremely important. The first phase of treatment is usually designed to improve the patient’s skeletal and/or dental relationship while the patient is still growing, thereby reducing the difficulty of treatment when the second phase of comprehensive treatment is undertaken. Orthodontic therapy is often indicated for patients who are developing severe crowding problems, who have excessive overbites, or who have other unusual problems such as missing permanent teeth, extra permanent teeth, or abnormal oral habits.

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