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Family Dentistry

89308852InStyle Dental offers the most sophisticated and modern family dentistry treatments and services to ensure your entire family enjoys great dental and physical health. We understand various stages of life present different oral health needs. Dr. Brian Kar and his stellar professional team possess the training and expertise to manage the dentistry needs of every family member.

Pediatric Dentistry

We strongly recommend bringing your child for their first visit within six months of the first appearance of teeth. Kids of all ages love coming to InStyle Dental and we love having them here! Click to learn about Dr. Chrissy Park, our board-certified pediatric dentist and our Pediatric Dentistry Services.

Adult Dentistry

For adults, we offer the full range of dental care treatments to help you smile your brightest. General dentistry corrects common dental problems such as cavities, broken or cracked teeth and extractions. Dr. Kar and his team always rely upon sophisticated dental technology to fulfill our commitment to your comfort, safety, and top-notch results.

InStyle Dental also offers an extensive list of procedures that fall under “Cosmetic Dentistry.” Please visit that section for more information.


Periodontic care is critical to your overall oral health and focuses on the structures that surround and support your teeth such as your gums. Consistent and good oral hygiene can prevent periodontal disease however, sensitive or bleeding gums may be a warning sign of gingivitis which can lead to periodontal disease.
(learn more about our Periodontal Services)

The earliest stage of periodontal disease is called “gingivitis,” and the first signs of gingivitis signal the most important time to see our periodontist, Dr. Joseph Morcos, for preventive treatment.